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Ken is passionate about the world of equipment finance – because it makes things happen.

In the business for nearly thirty years Ken has built a career around finding ways to help his customers acquire the equipment they need to grow their business. Now he is President of Connext Financial - a company originally formed in 1996 – but back in the early 80’s he was introduced to the world of finance when the business computer systems he was selling couldn’t be acquired without the offer to provide the capital to do so. That began a life of building programs and a funding strategy that allowed large and small companies to easily get the capital they need. Things then grew into the beauty of providing lessons learned and useful tools to help vendors – those selling the equipment – to offer the right financing tools in just the right way. He calls it business intelligence, knowing our customers and what they want. Helping them and watching them grow. He is resourceful, hardworking and loves to find financing solutions. It can be done. Fun fact: Ken now enjoys eight grandchildren.  



Executive Vice President
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If you are looking for a forward thinker in vendor equipment finance, you've found him: David Stearns.

With decades of experience David created a vendor finance consulting firm with the idea that to succeed you have to “become the customer.” This insight and perspective, focused in graphic arts and printing, has enabled David to thrive in an environment that has been defined by sweeping technological and market changes. As a founding member of Graphic Arts Capital and OneWorld Business Finance (the nation's only equipment finance cooperative), David has found innovative financing solutions to get vendor deals done. His consulting firm has created and managed some of the industry's largest and most successful vendor finance programs. Through the creation, management and administration of in-house, captive-oriented financing programs, David’s work has enabled equipment vendors to achieve incremental revenue increases of more than 20%.