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It’s about connecting those in need of funding, to the best funding solutions. That’s what we do every time and every day.

Financing Forward

CTA_VertButton_DifferencesConnextBank-31-1Financing Forward is about connecting companies in need of equipment financing to the best possible funding solutions. Typically, a customer seeking equipment financing may go to several different banks. Connext brings multiple funding sources to you, giving you an array of equipment financing options and greater opportunity for financing approval.

We understand the landscape of cash flow, balance sheets and credit requirements. We mesh that with a deep understanding of your specific industry – and we work with you to understand your business needs. Because of our understanding of the multitude of equipment finance options available, we can bring you the best term, structure, and finance options to suit your particular needs. Our goal is to turn any opportunity into the maximum return for you.

At Connext, we move financing forward by raising the bar on service expectations and support in the financial arena. We pledge to bring order, stability, and consistency to those we serve. Contact a Connext Financing Expert to move your Financing Forward.