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When our Connext Financing Experts work with you, you’ll always know exactly where you are in the process.

The Connext Difference

CTA_VertButton_DifferencesConnextBank-31Connext Finance Experts have industry specific experience and equipment financing and leasing experience. It is this powerful combination that allows for the best equipment financing terms to be tailor built to fit any businesses needs. This carefully crafted method is known as THE CONNEXT CLEAR Process. Starting with Lead, this cyclical and never ending three step cycle is the basis for every equipment lease or loan.

LEAD: We take the time to listen and to understand your financing needs. Working with you, we explain the various equipment financing options and the benefits each would have to determine what's best for your business. This allows us to build the best equipment financing option that's right for you. We’ll contact you as developments happen on your deal so you always know where you are in the process.
ADVOCATE: Rather than settling for an ordinary bank’s standard financing terms, we’ll find just the right bank and equipment lease or loan terms for your unique financing needs. We can do this because we work with multiple funding sources. Most of these sources are even industry specific, so they may offer lower rates for that industry – and often approve what a more traditional bank would deny. More options means a better chance of getting to yes, fast.
SERVE: Throughout the process, we are here to support you and help pass through any equipment financing hurdles that may arise. It is our service promise to provide you with top level care. This means you not only get a personal Finance Expert to work with, but one who understands the industry and speed in which you operate.
Connext has over 50 years of experience in equipment financing. We build lasting relationships by leading, advocating for and serving our customers.