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If you’re a Connext customer, you have certain inalienable rights.

This is the Connext Service Promise

At Connext, we connect you with the best financing source to enable what’s next for your business. But it’s really the way we do it that sets us apart. In fact, here is how we promise to serve you.

•   We will be available at all times during the financing process to answer questions, discuss options, learn about your needs and help you decide which equipment leasing or loan options are best for you.

•   We will treat you with dignity and respect.

•   We will answer all of your questions, especially the tough ones.

•   We will return your call within 24 hours.

•   We will call within 24 hours of sending out your equipment lease agreement.

•   We will give you a meeting summary after every in-person visit.

•   We will go beyond your expectations to deliver an enjoyable equipment financing experience.

We understand acquiring new equipment is a big deal, that's why we promise to serve you through the equipment financing process. To learn more or start an application, speak with a local Finance Expert.