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Trouble deciding which financing options are right for you? We have many options, and the expertise to build a solution to fit your needs.

Food Processing Customer

Connext customer programs are custom built per project.


Connext offers multiple financing options to customers, unlike many other funding sources. Connext Finance Experts work with you to determine from the following options, which is the best equipment financing option for you. Options available include:

Equipment financing instruments:

  • Capital Leases with $1 and Balloon/Fixed buyouts
  • Fair Market Value and Operating Leases
  • Loans, Notes and Security Agreements
  • Rentals

Payment options:

  • First Payment Deferments – Allows you to not pay, or defer, the first payment. This is helpful in a situation in which short term cash is tight.
  • Skip, Step, Seasonal. Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual & Annual Payments – Allows payment structure to follow your business. Works well with seasonal businesses that lease equipment, or those with staggered or inconsistent revenue streams.
  • Direct Debit Payments – Allows for automatic payments, lessening the administrative burden.
  • Early Termination and Buyout Options – Allows for flexibility down the road. Useful if future cash needs are unknown.
  • FMV Purchase Options (with and without Not-to-Exceed Caps) – Offers risk reduction yet allows you to purchase equipment.

Equipment financing can include:

  • Terms from 12 to 84 months (1 – 7 years)
  • Soft costs included (freight, rigging, installation, startup)
  • All types of manufacturing equipment

How do I get started?

To build a program for your needs, contact a Connext Finance Expert to schedule a free consultation.