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You have customers asking equipment financing questions. We have Finance Experts who know your industry. Coincidence?

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Let a Connext Finance Expert answer all of your customers financing questions.

We partner nationally with many dealers and manufacturers to offer equipment financing support in the manufacturing industry. Nearly 30% of all equipment sold is financed. Don't miss out on sales because you don't have a financing solution. Our dealer finance programs support manufacturers in moving equipment more effectively. Every dealer is different and therefore has different support needs. Each of our dealer referral programs offers unique benefits.


Dealer Referral Program

This program is ideal for vendors who may not have a high number of requests for leasing, yet still deserve the service and attention afforded to larger companies. As a program lender, Connext assures you of timely credit decisions and quick payment. Allowing you to increase your revenue. Benefits include:

  • Access to industry Finance Expert
  • Use of the Connext application
  • Get a link to the Connext website
  • Nothing mandatory to sign

Dealer Referral Program Plus

For vendors that need more support than the occasional referral, we have additional support available that gives your website and customers tools to help move your product. Benefits include:

  • Connext or co-branded application
  • Connext co-branded Online Quote Tool
  • Periodic e-mail marketing from Connext available to send to your customers
  • Referral operating agreement for your signature

Integrated Referral Program

Companies that heavily rely on leasing may have special needs. Our Integrated Referral Program customizes the service you receive. You can expect things like private label applications and promotions, giving the impression you have your own finance division, special pricing programs and complete access to our e-commerce tool designed for equipment dealers, manufacturers, and distributors who want to easily manage and increase sales. The program includes:

  • Rewards Program if applicable
  • A dedicated Connext Financing Expert
  • Connext co-branded Online Quote Tool
  • Periodic e-mail marketing from Connext available to send to your prospects and customers
  • Private label or co-branded application
  • Full 24/7 access to Connext e-commerce system
  • Online credit application submission
  • Automatic application status updates through e-mail
  • Printable online proposals
  • Customer history through our database record of quotes and records of sale
  • Lease documents available on demand
  • Exclusive equipment financing rights

How to Sign Up:
To learn which program is right for you, or to sign up, simply contact a Finance Expert to get started.