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Regional Vice President
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Linda has managed lending companies and authored industry articles. More importantly, she gets the job done.
Linda started her career in equipment finance as VP of Sales at International Financial Services Corporation where she continually increased sales and profitability year over year for 22 years. As if this wasn‟t enough, she went on to be President of her own firm, U.S. Lending Corporation for five years where she worked with a number of direct lenders to finance equipment for new manufacturers in the printing and packaging industries. Again, Linda managed for consistent growth and profitability. Her most recent post was at PNC Equipment Finance, LLC, where she served as National Program Director for packaging, food processing and printing, accessing her strong negotiating skills and familiarity with all aspects of equipment lending.

Du'Weena Jordan 
Operations Manager

Du'Weena is an efficiency maven who lets her work do the talking.

Du'Weena brings 17 years of operations management and business administration to Connext. Most recently, she worked as VP of Leasing Operations for 121 Leasing (now National Bank of Commerce) in Birmingham, Alabama. As a director of operations, Du'Weena has enjoyed gaining industry-specific expertise when working in various fields, from medical to leasing. She is detail-oriented and organized, not to mention a keen-strategist. Du'Weena attended San Jose State University. A little known fact about Du'Weena: she specialized in aviation medicine in the Navy.