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Food Processing Successes

Linda Worked Quickly & Got The Deal Done

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you and recognize the exceptional service that you provided in our recent transaction to acquire two new pieces of equipment in 2011.

As you know the initial lender was not able to accomplish the transaction as quoted and we were fortunate to have you be able to step in and move as quickly as you did to get the deal done."

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Connext Put our Loan Approval on the Fast Track

"Linda and her team at Connext were on the phone and emailing through the entire process, making recommendations along the way. As a result, we ended up having multiple equipment units shipped and installed on time, despite our difficult timeline.

I feel the entire financing process was performed and completed in a very professional manner. I highly recommend Linda and Connext to anyone needing financing. She literally became an integral part of our team as we moved through the entire acquisition. From now on, she will be the first person we will call for financing."

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At Connext, we’ll invest the time it takes to get you to ‘Yes.’

Many times, companies that need equipment financing are simply told, “No.” by lenders, without any explanation. At the most, a lender may say, “Your application did not fit within our parameters.” Yet this leaves the borrower unclear about the reasons their financing wasn’t approved – so they often apply to even more lenders only to get turned down again and again.

Recently, a Connext Finance Expert received a call from a client in the flexographic printing industry (for food packaging). Unbeknownst to the equipment Finance Expert, the company had already been told “No” by two other lenders. One of them didn’t return the client’s call; the other gave the typical ‘parameter fit’ explanation. Our equipment Finance Expert immediately pulled a D&B report on the client company, learning that...

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Note to Vendors: Involve Connext early and Take Your Customer a Financing Program Addressing All Their Needs

Recently, an equipment manufacturer contacted Connext while in the process of working with a large corporation that was interested in purchasing new manufacturing equipment. The manufacturer’s rep explained to Connext that their potential client was solely focused on equipment costs. At the same time, the equipment rep was up against competition from a lesser known equipment manufacturer from the Far East that was offering equipment for an initial price that was $50,000 lower.

From the surface, it was seemingly strictly about price.  After the rep had a deeper conversation with the Connext Finance Expert about what their client was trying to accomplish, the real problem was revealed. The rep’s client needed to add another shift just to keep up with growing customer orders – due to their outdated equipment.

Download the full case study to see how the Connext Finance Expert uncovered hidden cost savings in a seemingly obvious choice.