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Dreaming of a program to help you work through the financing process? We’ve probably thought of it. If we haven’t, we will.

Printing & Packaging Programs

Dealer and Customer Finance Programs

Because each client is different, we offer a wide range of equipment finance programs. Each program is structured to take into account individual client and dealer needs. The expertise of the Connext team makes this process efficient and, often, innovative. This holds true for both Customer and Dealer Programs.

Our dealer finance programs support equipment dealers in connecting customers to financing. Connext can help you:

  • Close transactions faster
  • Get paid faster
  • Offer customers alternatives
  • Support during the closing process
  • Provide on site assistance at trade shows and open houses
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Reduce billing and collection hassles
  • Expand your customer base
  • Help customers manage cash flow
  • Address concerns over upgrades and obsolescence
  • Prescreen your customers
  • Establish and market special manufacturer and dealer programs
  • Offer e-commerce financing solutions

Check out our three available Connext Dealer Programs or simply sign up.

Our customer finance programs lead the customer through the process, and custom build an equipment financing package. Connext can help you:

  • Get financing approved at one stop
  • Determine which financing option is right for you
  • Build and create the needed financing options and terms
  • Understands your industry, machine and language

To start building your financing solution, look at our customer finance programs and contact a Finance Expert.